ARENA is your boutique fitness
hub with a difference:

At ARENA, we don’t instruct. We coach and serve our team. At ARENA, you aren’t just a paying customer, a fitness newbie, a mom, a business executive or aspiring athlete. You are part of a committed team.

Our main focus rests solely on ensuring that your fitness and wellbeing goals are met by providing you with the tools you need:

Quality service, expertise coaching and a platform where you have access to the latest equipment this industry has to offer.

Combine these tools with your commitment and thirst for success and you’ll be ready to step into the ARENA where you can Train beyond your boundaries, Move beyond your goals and PLAY!

The human body is a mechanical masterpiece, designed to move up and down, left and right, front and back, laterally and diagonally … so why should we get stuck in doing routine bicep curls and squats, day in and day out?

We have designed our hour-long workouts based on what the human body is meant to do… MOVE! By working in the body’s natural form (and thus multiple planes of movement), we are able to recruit multiple and bigger muscle groups at a given time, consume more energy and have a more effective workout as opposed to targeting individual muscle groups and remaining in one plane.

We have combined the principles of high intensity interval training with our Train-Move-Play philosophy to give you the most effective and efficient way to improve your endurance, build muscle and lose weight. Each workout includes agility and speed training, power and strength training as well as core strength and flexibility training to ensure you are utilising all the tools your body has to offer.

Our world-class trainers don’t just stand in front of the class and give orders. They are your coaches. Masters in their field of movement, they will coach and mentor you on your way to achieving your goal and encourage you to Train Harder, Move Better and Play More.



Introducing the ARENA Rewards

Apart from feeling fitter and stronger, we’ve decided to add more rewards to your ARENA visits.

You’ll earn 1 point for every R1 you spend

A minimum of 1000 points is needed before your first cash back reward can be redeemed. Cash back rewards are limited to individual ARENA classes, packages and the Juice Bar, and excludes clothing purchases.

The more you visit and enjoy our services, the more cash back rewards you’ll earn. Your first cash back reward can only be redeemed after your first 1000 points.